Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Landscape Exhibition and Painting Class at Bayfield Hall

The latest venture by the Queen of Hungary gallery is 'Gathering Storm', an exhibition of 7 landscape painters at Bayfield Hall, Norfolk, which opens on Saturday 19th September. Selected by Amanda Geitner, Head of Exhibitions at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Art, and Frances Kearney, whose solo exhibition at Norwich Arts Centre is one of the highlights of CAN 09. Artists include Emily Cole, Chloe Mandy, Chloe Steele, James Hawke, Emily Jo Sargent, Jin Lee and Rob Stockton.

There will also be a 2 day course oflandscape painting given by Chloe Mandy, a curator's talk on Saturday and a childrens' workshop on Sunday. To subscribe to the course and for all other details go to www.stephaniedouet.com

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  1. Hi Lol,
    Looks great, sorry I couldnt find the foto of the girls, and we're on retreat now so...
    Any chance of coming down this way?
    I see there isa film out with your name, as a acronym. Is that how it am about?